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Saturday, July 23, 2022, 5:00 A.M.
Arrington Lagoon at Dawes Park, Evanston, Illinois

The inaugural Mishigami Bicycle Challenge will take riders on an 1,100-mile self-supported odyssey around the shores of Lake Michigan. We provide the route. Your challenge is to complete the route under your own power, as fast as you safely can, with no outside assistance (except commercially available services). You are on the clock and on your own.

Registration closed as of May 3, 2022.

Watch for 2023 registration to open.


This course is NOT for the novice rider.


It passes through four states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan) with varying traffic and cycling laws. You’ll encounter everything from busy urban streets, highways, and suburban trails to rolling farmlands and secluded woodlands. Some sections of the course will (unavoidably) include heavy traffic; others will leave you feeling like you own the road. Surfaces will range from buttery smooth pavement to chip seal and potholes. We may even have a few miles of gravel roads thrown in for good measure. 

While the terrain will vary along the way, it will generally feature flat to rolling hills. If you’re looking for epic climbs, then this is not the course for you. But, if you want epic views and to experience the many personalities and grandeur of Lake Michigan, then this is the ride you’ve been waiting for.

You can find the most current draft of the 2022 course on Ride With GPS. Note that the course is subject to change as it is refined over the months leading up to the 2022 challenge. 

Registration closed as of May 3, 2022.

Watch for 2023 registration to open.


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